Lori Weaver

Greater Seattle Area Based Real Estate


Lori Weaver is a Luxury Portfolio Specialist in real estate. Passionate about supplying client satisfaction in all areas of the client journey and experience, Lori helps people find or sell their home or vacation property — and all of it with a smile on her face. An active community member with a working knowledge of the surrounding neighborhoods, market conditions, and schools Lori brings a level of wisdom to real estate in Seattle what is seldom matched.

“I like helping people find the place of their dreams. It really comes back to helping people.” Lori Weaver says when asked about the underlying passion behind her career. Lori’s has the ability to center in on client objectives and tackle them with precision – something that has proven quite valuable.

“When somebody is in the search for a new house, vacation property, or anything in real estate, the question of finances comes up a lot.” Lori continues. “That’s why it’s important for me to offer support to them in a financial and emotional manner, all the while focusing on getting them just what their looking for.”
Lori is currently employed at John L. Scott Real Estate, a company founded in the heart of downtown Seattle in 1931. “I love the commitment to ethics and a customer-centric sense of service — those are the things I love most about what I do right now.”

In addition to her role in real estate, Lori Weaver has built a career based off the importance of strong leadership. Believing the relationship between leadership and customer satisfaction, Lori is an advocate for the importance of guiding a client through the real estate process and into the success they desire. “One of the most important things to remember is that you are the expert.” Lori says enthusiastically when asked about a successful business/client relationship. “It’s your job – and you have the opportunity – to provide your expertise and help the client through an unfamiliar or difficult situation.”
In addition to her career, Lori is a member of the Seattle Yacht Club, the Bellevue Club, and a fan of travel and spending time with her family.

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