The kitchen is where you find the heart of the home, which means every feature it has is significant. Every home needs a kitchen with great features to make cooking and entertaining easier. Some of these must-have features are explored more in-depth below.

Since most entertaining is done from the kitchen, it’s crucial to be able to see your guests. Proper lighting is also essential to properly prepare food. You don’t want to cut a finger because of poor lighting.

A great kitchen should have plenty of lighting, such as pendant lighting, recessed lighting, and under-cabinet lighting. Pendant lighting is ideal for placing over a center island, while recessed lighting and under-cabinet lighting provides a soft glow throughout the rest of the kitchen.

With so many tools needed to keep the kitchen running smoothly, it’s smart to have enough storage space to keep it all. Incorporate extra storage wherever you can, including in corners, under and above cabinets, and in the center island.

The storage you do have should be able to fit all sorts of items. Try to include at least a few deep drawers, cabinet dividers, and hooks to hang pots and pans.

Working appliances are crucial when you cook and entertain a lot. While stainless steel is a preferred look because it’s both classic and sleek, it’s the type of appliance that matters more. You want something that’s energy-efficient, and that gets the job done as quickly as possible without having to do a lot of work.

If you entertain frequently, consider getting double ovens and an additional dishwasher. This can be a significant time-saver when you’re cooking and cleaning for a crowd.

Bonus Features
We all want our kitchen to look cool, and what better way to achieve that by adding cool bonus features. Things like a charging station for cell phones, an office nook, a single-handle faucet, and a pot filler are all excellent choices.

Whatever kitchen design features you choose, make sure they are features that will truly help you become a better chef and host. These features will help make your kitchen functional, friendly, and enjoyable.

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