The city with a French name that translates to “beautiful view” is experiencing an uptick in popularity. Those considering a move to the Bellevue, Washington suburb quickly fall in love with its picturesque scenery that is complete with excellent schools, a bustling economy, and a variety of cultural events to enjoy.

Check Out the Farmer’s Markets
One of the best things about Bellevue is the wide variety of locally-sourced food available at farmer’s markets. Local cheese, honey, meat, and bread are offered alongside fruits and vegetables. Check out the local markets to keep family dinners sustainable and delicious.

Bring Your Umbrella
The year-round temperature in Bellevue hits an average of 75 degrees, making it pleasant to live during every season. The green trees, grass, and landscape of the city get its color from the heavy rainfall. During the winter, an average of five inches falls per month. Though the spring and fall months have their share of rain as well, the summer months are typically warm and dry. Make sure to invest in flood insurance in case the wet weather makes its way to the front door.

Be Prepared for Housing Costs
The popularity of the city has caused an increase in housing costs. On average, living expenses in the city are 25 percent higher than the national average. Housing costs are 50 percent higher. The average price to rent a one-bedroom apartment is $1,327 a month, and the median price for a home is $600,000. Utilities across the city are slightly lower than the national average, however, which helps offset some of the housing costs.

Travel with Different Transportation Options
The city-wide bus and light rail commuter lines offer locals the opportunity to save money and reduce pollutants while avoiding the headache of being stuck in traffic. The city is also biker-friendly with bike lines set throughout the town. Those who need to go to Seattle or Vashon Island can travel aboard a water boat.

Don’t Miss the Local Festivals
The festivals and local events bring the community together. Enjoy the annual Bellevue Arts and Crafts Fair or the Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition. The Bellevue Arts Museum features a variety of fun exhibits and hands-on events to help people of all ages enjoy the arts.